David, Dad, Bob & Carrol 3rd (me)

He married Jean Broch, met her at the Indian drive-in Phoenix.

Carrol the 2nd

One time after we were done drilling, he was getting the water trailer ready (still had a couple hundred gallons in it) to back up to it &

it took off on him down the hill, He held on to the tongue steering it down while his boots were digging into the ground as he was hopping!!

He came back exhausted & laughing.

Very scary moment!!

Carrol the 1st (my grandfather) owned a drug store

(standing in the middle).

This is one of the many plaques I have..

This is very brief as I can only go by memory of what he has shared with me through time.

Born 1916 in Texas, he left home at 14 & joined the cavalry.

Sometime later he went to New York & started working on cars. He mentioned Cony Island a lot. He also mentioned working in Panama & on ships.

I put these pages together for people who knew my dad & to be able to copy the pictures & read more about him & his prospecting the

Superstition Mountains.

Biography: Carrol Harrington Ingle 2nd

Carrol Harrington Ingle 2nd

Passed in 1991 at 74 years old.

​He will always be missed.

Bobby looking over me after I was born.

He built a 900 gallon water tank & trailer. As he was welding it, he was showing another welder friend of his how he can weld a perfect weld without looking!

We went on a family trip to Wickenburg to pick up a Diamond Core Drill frame only. He spent many nights building it till it was done.

He bought a 1965 Chevy truck from Reliable Electric.

In 1955 he came to Arizona in his custom 1950 Buick Skylark Convertible to find gold in the Superstition Mountains. He custom did the interior including a Tube Type TV (control panel is in front of the seat), RCA 45 Record Changer in the glove box shrouded with mirror-flex. I still have the TV & the record player! Gas stations borrowed this car on weekends to put on display!

The spokes & other parts he had gold plated. The Harley Dealer let him go into the back & balance & blueprint the engine himself! 

He said "I used to drive Harleys & Indians & so will my son".

1973 He built me a 1963 Panhead Chopper from scratch!

1987 He built a gazebo in the back to house a rock crusher, flour mill, shaker table, oven etc.

The whole idea of the core drill was to do the assessment work on each claim every year while he spent the rest of the year working on the Peralta codes & prospecting.

He made a hydraulic hoist on the truck using bomber bay door levers to control it.

I carried the name on to my son:

Carrol Harrington Ingle 4th

These 2 Memorial Photos courtesy Mike & Sharon Young

My dads favorite song: Another Puff by Jerry Reed (cigarette smoking song).

Dad & I actually went to the Doctor Hook & the Medicine Show concert at Big Surf, He was kick'in back in the sand drinking beer!

Other hobbies include shooting pool, Betty Boop (tattoo) & Michelob

Each year I would come over at 3am, hop in the truck. First stop was Jack in the Box for the new breakfast jacks then head on out!

Next stop was a small building about a mile from the base of the mountains to fill the water tank in the dark!

We get to one of the claims, my job was to set the track vertical, hook up the hoses, make a small creek for the water runoff & prepare the drill rods. 

The hoist was used to mount the drill.

Bobby, Me & dad.

David, dads youngest son.

He was working at J&J Transmission, then the Chevrolet Dealership, 
Dick Fellars Hydromatic, then Tri-City Transmission 
while the weekends were spent prospecting.

I got him a transmission with a granny gear to be able to haul the rig & trailer through the mountains.

Page 2 contains photos, codes etc. of the Superstition Mountains

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He married my mom in the 50's. She already had a 6 year old son Bobby. I was born in 1958 &

David was born in 1963.